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How does Identity Protector alert me?

You can choose whether to receive alerts sent to your phone, email, or both. To change your alert settings, sign into your MoneyTips account and click on the ID Protector tab in the top menu. Scroll down to the "Protection Overview" section and click on the "Change Alert Settings" link. Select the type of alerts you'd prefer from the dropdown menu in the pop-up that appears and click the "Update" button.

To receive phone alerts, make sure you've linked your phone to MoneyTips by clicking on the "Add Phone" link. Enter your mobile phone number into the textbox in the pop-up that appears and click the "Update" button. Since the phone alerts will appear via SMS text, you must choose a phone number that accepts them.

To receive email alerts, ensure you've verified your email address by clicking the "Verify Now" link. In the textbox in the pop-up that appears, enter the verification code we've emailed to you and click the "Done" button.

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